Harry Potter plus Sheridan Voysey

After my first fulfilling week of work in Singapore it’s good to find some time to reflect. Reflect on the mistakes I’ve made, the situations I’ve been in and the tasks at hand. I find myself getting caught up in the micro tasks and trying to nut it out myself. This isn’t the way. I have relationships I need to build and a great way to fabricate this would be to seek their advice. Be a more open person my baby says.

Got the chance to catch Harry Potter 4 last night. A wonderful movie that doesn’t put the book to shame. Watching it last night brought me back to those moments when I was reading the story. Those were the days when I would let me mind wonder…

Sheridan Vosey is a Christian broadcaster/writer that I’ve recently started following. I just love hearing people talk about God and his doctrine and Vosey is no exception. Among many others, he touches on relationships, life and it’s meaning.