Don’t trust in chariots

Psalm 45:

  • Wedding feast. Song of love, describing the wedding of a king.
  • Parallels of Christ’s marriage to the church.
  • How Christ will claim his bride.

Psalm 46 and 47:

  • Communal worship sung by Israel, thanking God for delivering Assyria into their hands.
  • When there was idolatry in Israel, God raised up Assyria to breakdown Israel.
  • Israel repented and didn’t even have to fight.
  • Muslims are descendants of Assyrians.
  • Psalm 47 is a picture of God’s hand coming down on Assyria. Much like in Genesis when God crumbled the tower of Babel and destroyed Sodom. This time God sent an Angel down to kill 185 000 men.
  • Isa 9:10 is placed at a tree, at ground zero (9/11). This verse talks about the infidelity of Israel!

Let God be God – Martin Luther