What are some tips for persevering on a Bible reading plan?

I’m undertaking a Bible reading plan by James M.Gray entitled “How to master the English Bible.” It will see me repeat a book at least 10 times before proceeding to the next.

Tips of encourage from our Pastor Soon Yong:

¬ Before you begin each day’s reading of God’s Word, pray Ps 90:14 or Ps 119:18 or Ps 119:36,
asking God by His Spirit to illumine your heart with insights from His Word; and expand your
repertoire of similar Bible verses you can use to pray for understanding as you read Psalms.

¬ You will, sooner or later, encounter dry or difficult passages; at such times, you need to call to
mind Rom 15:4 and 2 Tm 3: 14-17, and ask yourself why God included this passage as part of
Holy Writ and how it can be profitable for you.

¬ Do not read cursorily or carelessly, but do not stay at one particular verse to meditate;
remember, the goal is to grasp the main message of Scripture in large literary units.

¬ Make sure you have time to reflect about what you have just read (not reflect on isolated
verses, but on the entire passage as a whole); identify a “takeaway thought” each day, so that
you are not just left with a vague impression of the day’s reading when you close your Bible.

¬ Do not choose between reading the Bible and praying, you need to do both; this is a good
opportunity to practise Scripture praying – this is prayer in accord with and in response to the
Word of God, both for yourself and for others.

¬ Actively look for ways you can live out the truth of what you have just read; be doers of the
Word, not just hearers only, thus deceiving yourself.