Deutronomy 3:12-29

• Macro synthetic marker
Text that marks out new paragraphs. e.g. “At that time”

• Hamburger section (Chiasm?)
3:13b – 3:14 is the meat

• Moses died on Mt Nebo
Ridge of Mt Pisgah (Deu 34:1)

• Reubenites & Gadites were the Vangaurd of Israel v18
As they asked for the land east of Jordan rv.
First time the text mentions God gave R & G this land.

First time in the Bible we hear about rest.
Deu 12:9-11
The promised rest, the land, when we die we enter full promised rest.
Elimination of all external threats (death the last enemy).
Gift from God.
Deu 25:19, Jos 1:13
Mat 11:28-30 and I will give you rest.
Heb 4:1-13

• Write down God’s work v21

• Focus on how much greater God is
Pro 29:5 – the fear of man brings a snare

• v24 – names of God

• Prayer
Inferior being humbly talking to an infinitely superior Being.
Primarily worship.

• Moses appointed by God to strength/harden Joshua’s heart. v28
Prep for battle and leadership.
Strength/spur fellow Christian’s hearts.