Acacia wood

Deu 10:1-

Acacia wood

When we are violated, it is so hard to revert back to the original state

Inconsequential Prayers

Revealing Himself as a forgiving God

If you hold a grudge against someone else, you are
punching God in the face.

Levites- custodians of the covenant. Serve Him, stand before Him, bless in His name.
The choose God side in golden calf sin.
God is their inheritance.

We bless non believers by preaching the name of Christ

1pet 2:9

We are custodians of the new covenant.

1 minute to tell me how Good is your God.

So does the world…

We are repulsive to God.

God choose the weak things of the world to conquer the proud

Sin has it’s consequences

What does God require of you? (v12>)

Psa 139:7-12
Never escape God’s love

Being Christ to all around you.

God wants your love!

Live in fear of disappointing our God