bitnami framework

update: PHP FPM is installed within each framework. If your getting file not error for php files then try disabling PHP FPM.

  1. point your @ A record to server
  2. create subdomain A record and point to server (see on GoDaddy)
  3. duplicate a framework folder (e.g. codeigniter)
  4. chown the new folder
  5. (optional) create certs folder here /opt/bitnami/frameworks/api/conf
  6. (optional) copy certs from here /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/server.crt & server.csr & server.key
  7. navigate to /opt/bitnami/frameworks/api/conf and point all .conf files to new folder
  8. in httpd-prefix.conf remember to comment out the aliases
  9. restart apache