Gen 19:1-26

Dead to sin, alive in Christ
Gen 19:1-26
Lot the enigma

The city gates are where the courts are.
Lot was there cause he was an elder.

Lot was Abraham’s nephew.
Lingered – When your fleet are slow your heart is not in it.
If you practice lingering in sin. You will be caught unaware.
This is God’s sovereignty. Embrace it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Learn to cultivate obedience to God in peace time.
We are saved because God gives us eyes to see this.

Lots wife
Luke 17:32
What are we to remember of her?
Lot was a righteous man
She was dear to him
Blood ties does not save you.
She looked back
Her heart was still there
Luke 17:33
Do not love this world

Die to this world
If you gave up something for Christ you will be rewarded.
What in this world are u trying keep?

What have u given up for Christ?