Dan 10

44500 Jews went back to build the temple. This is around 10%. What does this show?

Jesus appears in Joshua 5 (Commander of the Lord’s army).

Why would the son of God need battle help? This 3 weeks delay and the Jacob wrestling with God.

(v9) Why did the other around Daniel run? Daniel definitely prepared his heart, he was on the look out for God’s help. We need to do the same for sermons.

(Isaiah 45) Cyrus, controlled by God.

Don’t just see with your eyes. The Lord fights the battle for us, even those that we don’t see.

Prince of Persia, demonic forces behind the government.

What did God do for Daniel? (v11)

John, whom God loved parallels Daniel.

Mount of transfiguration (2 Pet 1:16-21) We can see God with our spiritual eyes.