Hebrews 5:11-6:20

Spiritual immaturity
Simply because they are lazy
Milk: what Jesus did when here.
Food: Christ’s role as great high priest.
Local church: the minority usually seeks the solid food. Why? Does it shake you? Bartavious the tax collector.

Is it really simple faith?
Chewing = effort. But don’t you want to know more about our loving God?
It is not normal to remain stunted.
That is why the author admonishes us.
Internalise the truth. Digested. Don’t spit it out. Practice the truth.
After practicing, it becomes part of us.

Heb 6:4
A true believer can never lose salvation.
2 tim 1:12
John 10:27-28
Enlightened: given the knowledge to be saved.
E.g. Judas, Simon the sorcerer, Jesus: woe to Karamzin
Heb 7:11 Imitators of faith

Abraham: believed God will provide