Heb 9

Threw Jesus we have direct access to God. The OT is the shadowing of Christ.

Tabernacle in Exodus.
Gate is on the east side.
Typology. Only one way to God.

Holy place
Lamp stand/Jesus is lighting our path.
Table of showbread- Jesus feeds us.

Holy of Holies
Mercy seat
1 goat reflect Christ – Satisfies God
1 goat Azial – satisfies man

Jesus mediator of new covenant
Testator – Jesus is the will
Shedding of blood is to seal the will

Why bother with the blood of animals.
What happened to the OT saints?
Like cashing in a cheque scenario.
Mat 27 the curtain is torn in two.
OT saints went to Sheol? Cool
The thief next to Jesus “today you will be with me in paradise”
Sheol is not hell.

Do not take the worship of God lightly.
Picture yourself as the high priest.
We need to recapture that reverence.