Num 21:1-9 Discouragement its effects and cure

By Pastor Hughes

Nicodemas in John 3 mentions the bronze serpant

Chp 20 Edomites are related to Israel
Num 20:17
Huge detour
Edom is Esau
The Israelites were disappointed at Edomites.

set backs and failures are for us to get back.
Psa 55.

Make sure you are encourager!
How long
The pilgrim life is not easy

The Israelites were discouraged because of their lack of faith.
This Christ can cope with your life.
You should be concerned of what
is going on the middle east/world.

The effects
The ppl spoke against God
Look at the hole of the pit of which you were dug.
Discouragement can blind your mind. We start to find fault.
V6-His disciplines are real but they are sent by the Heavenly Father.

The cure
V7 Pour out your heart to God.
Confess your sin to God.
Confession, the vomit of the soul.
Some wounds cannot be healed unless they are uncovered.
Confession is always good for the soul.
True confession will bring true revival.



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