Heb 12

The marathon
Cast anything that hinders
Hinderances like children, Jobs, Hobbies
Besetting sins- our weaknesses
Pluck out each sin
Cast aside everything
Getting to the finishing line
Each of out races are diff
Running takes effort
Mental toughness
Strawberry Christians
Always better to run with in team

Not persecution but discipline
James 1:2
Refine us God
Easy to understand intellectually but painful to swallow
Tough love
Do not be spiritually lazy
Consistency at home
Children are creatures of habit

Sexually immoral
Unholy man
Sensually a godless man
Lived for the present
Isaac favored Esau
Esau a picture of back sliding Christians today
We seek to please ourselves

Jews Mt Sinai
Christians today Mt Zion
Assembly of Christ

Warning of coming judgement
Never forget God is our righteous judge



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