2 Chr 12:9-15

By Soon Yong

Rehoboam, Solomon’s son.
Solomon reign was legendary 9:7
Solomon is the epitome of man
Pro 1-9 parenting
Rehoboam means expanding kingdom
He did evil in the sight of the Lord
Good? 11:5-12, 13-17
Many of us live for man
Only God’s verdict matters

What caused R failure?
An inconsistent dad
Idolatrous mother. Ammonite

Foolhardy friends
2 Kings

The real reason
Because he did not set his heart to seek the Lord.
Sin originates in your heart not circumstances.

How to set your heart?
Embedded in bedrock
Psa 93:1
Psa 57:7
Temptation came
Walk the way with God
Decide this daily
1 Cor 15:31. I die daily!
Partial obedience is disobedience.
Psa 78:8
Wrong heart motive. Wasted life.

2 Chr 12:1
Are you forsaking the word?

Psa 63:1-5
Is flesh greater than God?



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