1 Sam 4:1-18

By Dr Chua

Israel was in a idolatrous state
The ark was in Shiloh. The tabernacle was unkept. Eli was old. Samuel was his young assistant.

Israel went straight into battle. Did not consult God.

Sin battles us constantly. Are you constantly defeated?

Eli’s sons thought the ark would deliver Israel. Like in the past.
Psa 78:60-64
Religion doesn’t save anybody.

Israel, seems like God has left them? V22
What about now in 2015?
Gender is challenged. Marriage is challenged. Life is taken in the womb.

Samuel ‘s 2 sons

7:3 calling them back to heart religion.
There is no real dealing with God without repentance.
I have sinned against the Lord.

Ebenezer 7:12 the Lord has helped us.


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