God’s love

By Soon Yong

John 3:16
God loves every last human being.

Titus 3:4-5
All mankind.
According to his mercy.

God loves the unelect.
God loves the reprobates.

Mat 5:43-45
Love your enemies.
Let it effect your prayer life.
God loves his enemies.

Mark 10:17-21
V21 Jesus loved him

Isa 63:7-10
Judge them and love them simultaneously.

Universal grace

Mat 5:45
For a believer: joy skyrockets after this world.

Acts 14:14
God gives enjoyment.
Psa 145:9
In His mercy.

1 Tim 4:10

Do you love your enemies?
Do you pray for your enemies?

God’s compassion

Lam 3:22-23
Jesus choose healing because he had compassion.
We can’t even summon that kind of compassion. Did you have compassion for terrorists?

Jer 48:35-36
God wails for those He will judge eternally.

Genuine sadness Jesus had for Jerusalem.

Through His warnings

God warns all men.
Luke 13:1-5
Eze 33:11
Turn back!

Through His invitations

Isa 55:1
Covenant with every single Israelite.

Mat 22:14
Many called

Mat 11:28
Rest. Yoke easy. Burden light.

We must love our enemies.



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