Courage in crisis – Esther 4

The crisis

How do you respond to a crisis?
Do you stop and pray?
Psa 57:2, David hiding in a cave.
It was about to be open season on the Jews.
Mordecai’s indiscretion – he felt responsible. Imagine the weight!

Great doors swing on small hinges.
God uses insignificant people to accomplish His will – Hathach the eunuch.
Esther it is time for the king to know your origin.
v14 – Mordecai acknowledging God’s providence.
v16 – If I perish, I perish! Similar to:
Dan 3:16
Acts 20:24, 21:13
Esther a type of Christ?

Mordecai’s intercession

Ezra 8 – No royal escort

Fasting and prayer

Neh 1:4
Dan 9:3
Mat 17
Crisis leads to communion
Fasting and prayer, is this your knee jerk reaction?
Heb 4:16 – draw near with confidence

Thanks man for driving me closer to God! – Ken Ramey

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