1 Cor 3:1-17

By Chee Eng

Paul’s admonishment of the Church on Corinth’s.
Life in the local church.

Carnal Christians

Not lacking in head knowledge.
But refusing to apply the knowledge of God.
Doctor diagnosis example.
Not prepared to face the consequences of living according to God’s word.
Chinese saying – all the knowledge of how to battle but has never faced one.
James- hearers but not doers of the world.
Hero worship of the leaders.
You should measure your leaders
against God’s word.

Living in modern society for believers
Disciple and great effort.
So easy to fall to the world.

God gives growth

Leaders are reminded – humbled
Faithfulness to the ministry
2 Cor 10:13
Do not boast
Being responsible for our labors
We will be judged
We are the channels through God ‘s work will be done
V5 – what
Would you praise your tap for your water? Don’t praise your leaders.

The foundation

Church ministry should be built upon.
1 Cor 15:1-15
Building foundations in SG
Some foundations require only pilings and other requires footings.
Darryl Palmer – new tribes missions

Not the quantity but quality of the work for God.

A healthy church marked by growth

Has Fcf changed over the years?
We as a church are constantly reforming.
Christmas celebration


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