Isa 5

By Chuan Yean
V1-7 the song
The vineyard – God provides yet Israel turns their back.
How have we responded to God’s blessings?

The six woes

The context – Israel was prosperous.
Israel would not be receptive.

V8 – excess, greed, covertness, materialism
Lack of contempt. Do you see that in yourself, especially in SG.
Paul – rejoice in the blessings God has given.
Conscious of your society. Danger of being to legalistic.
Indulging in yourself vs giving to the needy – that will tell us where are heart is.

Woe 2 – drunkenness
Hedonism – pursuit of pleasure.
Yolo. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.
Be watchful.
Are we prepared to stand out against society?

V18 – being proud of sin
Mocking God

V20 – Twisting morality
Gay movement
Pro life
The world is always against God.
Tell the world out of love.
Carnal Christians – willingly sining against God.

V21 – proudness
V22 – injusticed

One sin is not worse than the other.
We will be asked one day to make a stand, like Daniel.

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