John 13:34-35

By Soon Yong

Love those who cannot love us back

Luke 14 :12-14
Make friends that have no friends
Pro 19:4
Think of the spiritual stench Jesus faced when He came here.
Pro 19:17
Mat 25:34-40

We must love those who persecute us

Mat 5:43-48
Who do you think sustains the heart of your enemies?
Love them and pray for them. Without hypocrisy.

love those who’s relationships are broken

Mat 5:21-24
James 4:1
Phil 2:3
Never allow your heart to seek revenge
Phil 2:3-5
Regard those more important than you.
Never treat anyone like dirt.

Difficult ppl to love

1 Pet 4:7-8
Fervent love to cover over sin
Even direct pain
1 Cor 13

everything in love

Eph 5:1-2
1 Cor 16:14
Let all you do be done in love
1 Cor 13:1 not in love


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