Isa 10, 11 & 12

By Chuan Yean

Chp 10

Who was Isa addressing?
For Judah
Judah is conflicted
They seeked a man solution
Trusting in man, rather than God

2 Kings 16
King Ahaz
Was fearful of Israel
Asked Assyria to help
Ahaz son Hezekiah learnt from this

The economic outlook is bleak this year
How will you respond?
God hates pride
We are just the tool

Remnant theology
Meant to be promising
A millenniums believe Christians are the remanent
Pre millennium , Christians in the Middle East

Chp 11

Jesse? Not the usual way. The humble way
Church raptured
Saved Jews and Gentiles will enter
No holy spirit
The ppl who are saved will still have HS
Picture of Eden state
There will still be sin
Taste of Heaven
144 thousand
Satan will be unbounded after
Why God point back to Egypt? To remind us
Progressive revelation

Chp 12

After WwII
1947 Israel partially fulfilled
The second advent
When Christ comes back
Before the rapture


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