Isa 13 & 14

By Chee Eng


Jewish Poetic language
The Judgement on the Gentile nations
But the audience is the Jews
The oracles are not in chronological order.

80 yr gap between end of Hezekiah reign and Assyrian empire

Chp 13

The destruction of Babylon
Similar to Revelations
Revelations refers to the world system
What was Babylon judged for? V11
We are reminded God exalts the humble.
Senecherib destroyed Babylon
The decision who to ally with
Where is God in the decision?

## Chp 14
The lament yet delight in the death of a tyrant – satartical
Why give them a lament to death?
They were greatful to the rest
Lucifer and Babylonian kings are the same.

Do we trust in our Babylon or God?

The jews saw in the eyes of the flesh
What part does God play in your decision making?
God struck their pride
God wants our hearts.
Trusting God doesn’t mean prosperity will happen.
Trusting God is a continuous lesson.

World politics today
Christians nations e.g. USA and UK
God destroyed the world system


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