Jonah 1 part 1

By Soon Yong

The God of Abraham praise

Only prophet Jesus likens to Himself
From Galilee
Only prophet sent to the Gentiles
Only one to disobey

2 Kings 14:23-29
Via Jonah
God’s unmerited favors
Jonah would have been popular

arise go cry
At this time Assyrians were the powerhouse
Capital city of Assyrian
3 month foot journey
Known for their cruel tortures
Gen 18:21 – Jon 1:2
God said this in order to save them.
To bring about repentance
God may want to show Nineveh mercy.
Jonah does not want this.
Dreaming and insane.
Jonah was a staunch nationalist.

Tarshish Near Greece
1 year sea journey

Salvation is of the Jews.
Never use circumstances to discern God’s will.
Let us hold up the word of God as a mirror of our own souls.
Rom 3:10


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