Isa 19 & 20

By Chuan Yean

Chp 19

civil war

Ethiopian king attacked Egypt
Cush – Ancient Ethiopia
Before Hezekiah
Strong pressure for Juda to ally with Egypt.
God will judge Egypt

When God judges Egypt
The prophecy attacks all that is appealing to the Jews.
The E gods are a lot yet nothing
E was a wealthy nation – the Nile
Their wise men are nothing
Attacking their three pillars
The Jews always turned to E

Does SG depend on US?


V19 onwards
Speaking Hebrew means studying scriptures
Commentators play around with partial fulfillment.
AC there were 3 Christian centers before Islam.
This would be shocking for Juda. Their enemies would be saved.

Chp 20

God uses prophets in shocking/humiliating ways.
Isaiah naked
Marrying a prostitute
Ezekiel cooking food over human dung

As post Calvary Christians
Egypt = old lives
Our leek and garlic


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