Jonah 1 part 2

By Soon Yong

Jonah 1:4-6

Sailors terrified of a storm? Huge
Communal consequences for our sins
Flip side – blessings from Godly ppl

Jonah exausted from running away from God / sinning against God.
Psa 22
Sin brings weight to our hearts.
Sin brings pain
Conscious is heavy

Captains says arise. Get up call! X3
Jonah knows God will answer
Pagan sailor admonishing a Hebrew prophet to pray.

Numbers 32:23
Pro 16:33

Refuse to repent

Can you be so stupid?
Open defiance is super stupid.
It will never work out in your favor.

Not ultraistic
Jonah would rather die so God does not get His way.
Ultimate defiance
Neglect of the word
Neglect of prayer

Are u refusing to repent?
Do u have bitterness to be repressed?

These chosen men of God / prophets always doubted themselves.
Jonah thought himself too highly.

There is still hope.
V4 God has a relationship. Out of His covenant love. God deals graciously with Jonah.
If God does nothing. THAT IS FRIGHTENING! 😨
Heb 12:8
Heb 10:26-27


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