Isa 23


the sailors
Egypt grain is plentiful.
Used Phoenicians to transport
Cedars of Lebanon.
Egypt need trees from Lebanon

The sea is the best and fastest transport.
Land route contains mountains.


City known for it’s wealth and pleasures.
God was bringing judgement on Tyre’s pride.
They believed in their own idols and strength.
Greek and Roman theology came from there.
Baal is Zeus.

Phoenicians are influential.
English alphahet.
Expert sailors.
Made it to England and Africa?

Escaped to island during Alexander the great. Built the land bridge
Escaped to Carthage
Punic wars


Assyrians fell
After 70 yrs Tyre came up again.


Ppl you trust, their power is going to be taken away.
Our concerns are so small.
We forget God controls the universe.


A picture of dealing with the world.
Talking about trading.
Selling yourself to other countries.
When is v18 going to be fulfilled


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