Jonah 1 part 3

By Soon Yong

The sailors salvation

Your hands are too short to box with God.
This chapter is full of irony.
The pagan is asking a prophet to prey.
The ignorant fear of the sailors.

The sailors cast lots.
Even in their sin God overruled.
Proverbs 16:33
The lot is cast into the lap,
but its every decision is from the Lord.

Look at the questions the sailors asked.
Not interested in Jonah ‘s crime.
Totally scared of God.
Jonah confesses who God is.
Totally ironic – preaching to pagans, though running from this task.
Super scared. V10
Pagans scolding a prophet

Jesus died for you and you want to be a gossip at work?

What saves you is not knowing the truth but living the truth.

If you fear circumstances you are just like an animal.

Do we resolve to fear God?

The sailors salvation is not joy but fear. The fear of God. The referential fear will only increase.


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