Isa 25 & 26

The deliverance of all the ppl.
Are we too focus on a particular sub set of sin / ppl?
Eg prison ministry
Teens ministry – hard
Senior citizens – hard
Blue light jazz
The need is the gateway. Bring it back to the gospel.

Chp 26

( A lament )
( Senecharib is around the corner)
The way the city views itself.

The city is a state of mind.
Trust in God
Humble to shame the proud
Dependence on God

(In the meantime)
Through His judgement, hopefully ppl will change.

A child is supposed to be a blessing. Except Juda is not. They tried.
Accused of being unfaithful.
Delivering nothing after all that effort.

Don’t take everything literally. Only covenants are clear.

Mindset of eternity.

Leviathan symbolic of the enemies.


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