Isa 28

Pattern – lament of woe followed by salvation.

1-4 northern kingdom. Israel
7-13 leaders of southern kingdom are also copying north
Isa your theology is simply too straight forward. Line upon line. Blah blah blah. Repetitive. Sounded like a nag. When your heart is hardened.
Simple teaching is not shallow teaching but that is the leaders thought.
The leaders were used to rubbish – vomit.

Covenant with death.
Juda looking for external help. Allied with Egypt.

21 perazim. Flood
Gideon. Delivered from Canaanites.

Leaders and ppl are of the same mold.

Agricultural theology. You cannot use the same method for everything.

Work – common sense
Spiritual life – disconnect
Compartmentalise our life

An addiction
Source of help and strength.
Why do they drink?
Why do ppl despise a simple message?
They don’t want to obey the word. Do u apply it in your life?


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