Temporarily disabled

By Soon Yong

1 Cor 12:12-27

12 The church is one body it has many diverse members.
The Lord Jesus. This is his body.
24 God composes the body. A master craftsman carefully and sovereignly creating the body of Christ.

Isa 45:5
Exo 4:10-11

Job 39:13-18
God delights in His diversity
God stands behind all disabilities.
God takes pride in a diverse church body.

The local church requires diversity.
21 no one can declare another member useless.
God decides

22 weaker members are necessary.
Psa 68:5
Deu 10:18
Luke 14:21
James 1:27

Is this FCF?
Is this you?

God has chosen the weak to shame the strong.

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