Isa 33, 34 & 35

By Chee Eng

Chp 17-24

  • Messianic king
  • Millennial kingdom 
  • Cords hang loose. Enemies attack are futile 
  • What does it mean to acknowledge Christ?
  • Seek me first

Chp 34 & 35

A study of contrasts

  • Those who trust in the world vs God 
  • What will happen when God judges 
  • Judgement of heaven & earth
  • A battle
  • Of Armageddon? 
  • Judgment on Edom
  • Sword against Edom
  • Descendants of Essaul
  • Children of the world 
  • Devastation of the land when God judges
  • Gods judgement comes to pass
  • V16

Chp 35

Impact on nature 

  • Future fulfillment 
  • Your sweat and toll produces thorns Genesis 
  •  Spiritual blindness is removed 
  • V2 epitome of fertility 

V8 reserved for the privileged 

  • Those that are covered with Christ’s blood. A picture of our salvation. 
  • Wicked fool

Gods transformation 

The return 


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