Isa 36 & 37

By Chee Eng

  • Chp 38 becomes before 36
  • 701 Bc
  • Rabshakeh lies woven with truth. Twisted truth. 
  • Demoralization 
  • Aramaic official lang of war
  • It appears Rab had access to Isa warnings 
  • Do we turn to God when we are forced into a corner?
  • Can we trust God’s promises in our daily lives? Seek ye first the kingdom of God. 

What was the basis of God’s petition?

  • To vindicate God’s name. 

In God’s sight it’s never a number game. 

37:7 rumor of unrest at home

Was Hezekiah a good king? 

  • 2king 18:14-18 bad days
  • Good days chp 36-37
  • God’s mercy was still shown no matter what. 

Do we really know God’s will?

  • Some circumstances are clear 
  • Broad principles that we can understand 

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