Isa 38 & 39

By Chee Eng

Why the prayer in v3?

  • No comfort of heaven yet
  • Did not want to go to Sheol 
  • Clinging onto humaness
  • Back then the young are considered wicked
  • Manaseh is already here; became king at 12
  • This prayer preceeds the previous chapter 
  • You will be certain he used these 15 yrs wisely 

V8 sundail

  • The sign 
  • The sun going backwards on the steps

Co reigning 

  • With son Manaseh
  • There has to be overlap 
  • Assyrians had a chronicle
  • Iron age
  • Patterns of evidence (movie)

V20-21 not in the original text?

  • Which came first Kings & Isaiah

Chp 39

  • Why did he show everything? Pride, political alliance. Merodach is a thorn in Assyrians side. 704 bc he is exiled 
  • Isaiah preconfigured the prophecy 
  • Hugely important prophecy
  • Why the gift from Babylon? Political alliance…
  • Reaction?
  • WW1 win, who cares about son dies about WW2
  • It reflects human nature, do we take a long or short term view? 
  • This happen before 37 & 38

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