Isa 44

Part 1

  • V3 alluding to Pentecost 
  • Transcends Israel onto the Gentiles. Spiritual indication down the road. Only the church of God will show these characteristics 
  • No spiritual thirst today in Israel 
  • Pentecost the Holy spirit given 
  • Jeshurun 

Part 2

  • V9 onwards 
  • Mockery 
  • We wonder why are the still worshipping idols?
  • V18 onwards
  • God removes our blindness
  • Feeding on ashes / nothing
  • Audience is exiles in Babylon
  • Can you use this argument against pagans?
  • The mockery also applies to idols of our age. Jobs, families , hobbies, jealousy 
  • V21 remember. Love God. 

Part 3

  • Assurance / announcement of salvation for Israel 
  • Restoration back to Jerusalem 
  • Cyrus, another Moses
  • Mindsets of Israel is lost 
  • At point of writing Cyrus was not in power 
  • God can use an enemy to fufuill His purposes
  • Shepherd can also mean king

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