Jonah 3 part 1

By Soon Yong

Part 1 

  • V2 preach the word
  • Know God’s word and make known God’s word
  • V3 three days, speak not of size but of importance 
  • Day 1 purpose
  • Day 2 transact 
  • Day 3 sent off
  • A significant city 
  • V4 overthrown – like Sodom and Gomorah. Could this apply to you?
  • Will you be here next Sunday?
  • We have no such confidence that we have 40 days 

Part 2

  • V6 how the word came to the ppl in V5. Flashback
  • V6 the word touched the king
  • This evangelism campaign happened in 1 day 
  • AR – after action review 
  • Assyrians were under God’s wrath. All this was to throw Nineveh into fear
  • Assyrians worshipped fish God. Jonah 
  • Only God can grant true repentance 
  • The power of God changed Nineveh 
  • The word of God is central
  • Repent, the crux of the gospel

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