Marriage conference

Talk 1

Psa 127:3
Inheritance. The work is the blessing. Vineyard metaphor.
If you don’t see the work you’re miss the blessing.

Psa 127:4

Be faithful now.
The time is short.
Cease everyday.

Psa 127:5

We raise children so they can leave us.
Don’t shoot your arrow aimlessly. They are precious.
Do I have an end goal for my children?


Luk 14:28
To be an evangelist to your children.

2Co 6:14

Godly couples resolve

Mat 6:33

Triangle pointing to God – intimacy with Husband and Wife

Everything in life, God knows we need them. Draw close to God and glorifying God. And marital intimacy is a by product of that. And even in our sleep it will be added to you.

Eph 5:25

If you love your wife you will do everything.


Destructive kingdoms in marriage:

Triviality – you will not build your marriage.
Stress in marriage
Kingdom of lies – Living a double life
Pleasure seeking

Mark 4:3-8
Intimacy a byproduct

Mat 6:31-33

Pro 14:10

SoS 1:1
Return to building intimacy

Do mid course corrections.

Thought Fullness:
Manifest in actions
Careful thought for others

Psa 25:11

Enter into the life of your spouse
Change is always hard
Connect with your spouse
What are your burdens? Suffering, struggles and sins.
What are your joys?
What are your dreams?
Actions that count.
Do not be self serving.


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