Isa 54

By Chee Eng

Isa 54:1
What should be the response of God’s blessings ?
servants with small s – Israel
A picture of Sarah and Hagar. Barren and fertile.

Isa 54:5
Relationship of God is one of husband and wife
Adulterous wife – Israel
Think of Hosea
Creator as well as redeemer

Isa 54:6
There is no indication of Israel’s repentance.
Cause God’s love is hasset.
See Isa 53

Isa 54:9
The picture of a parent disciplining and reconciling their child.
Punitive discipline
Hasset – steadfast love

Isa 54:10 solid verse

A call to rejoice
Remember we no longer face the wrath of God
A blacked faced Christian is a contradiction
We didn’t earn God’s mercy therefore God’s grace will never be taken.

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