The rich paralytic

By Soon Yong

Mar 2:1-12
Do you think the paralytic was poor? He laid on his bed. A bed made of straw. Yet he had four friends that loved him enough to bring him to Jesus. Some would consider him rich.

Mar 2:4
They didn’t want to lose Jesus like last time Mar 1:38
Where did they get the ropes from?
Capernum was a fishing town. They would dry nets on the roof.

Mar 2:5
Was this man hoping for forgiveness?
This was shocking!
Jesus responds to faith with forgiveness.
The object of you faith heals you.
God saves not your faith.
Faith is an instrument of salvation.
Jas 2:17

Mar 2:6
What were the pharisees doing there?
Luk 5:17

Mar 2:7
The scribes hated Jesus for forgiving sin. Why?
The beginning of the intensifying hatred of Jesus in the scribe’s hearts.
What caused this hatred? PRIDE.

We are all proud.
God decides what happens.
John 11:47-48
John 12:19
Mat 27:17-18
John 5:44
How are you going to make it to heaven if you seek honor from man?


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