Jonah 4

By Soon Yong

Vv 1
Displeased – trans to Hebrew, burned with evil

God asks questions in the bible to show man’s sinful nature.

There are parallels between Jonah and Christians today.

Jonah was glad for the plant. Yet he thought nothing of the giver.
Check yourself. Is your heart truly thankful?

Thank God for your calamities also!

God’s loving kindness is better than life
Do you know any fools like Jonah? No introspection.

Vv 10-11
Jonah pitied the plant.
God pitied Nineveh.
God rubs it in. Even the animals (Jews see animals greater than plants)
Jonah grieved over one plant that he did not create. Should not God grieve of a nation He created.
Jonah did not respond. Proudness. Don’t do the same!
Eze 18:31-32
Hab 2:14
Isa 49:6

When God says He loves gentiles, He must pay a price for it.


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