Isaiah 64

Vv 2
When Elijah battled with the prophets of Baal

What makes God different from idols?
He is the father

Vv 5
Waiting on the Lord
Working righteousness
A form of worship
Isaiah knows that Israel will never wait upon the Lord.

Vv 6
Unclean – leprosy
Their vitality fades away
Their sins brings them there
A picture of the state of Israel

God’s sovereignty and man’s free will
Predestination – Doctrines of Grace
Do we subject ourselves to God or depend on earthly wisdom?
Pharaoh’s harden heart
We are responsible – even after we know God
It is easy to blame someone else

The basis of Isaiah plee – Will there be drops of mercy?
Play on the word holy. They were filthy – mockery.


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