Luke intro

How do scholars determine the date of early manuscripts?

How confident can we be that Luke wrote the third gospel?

How do we know Luke’s gospel is true?

Are there distinctly Gentile aspects of Luke’s gospel?

Was Theophilus a real person, or was the name just a symbolic reference to anyone who loved God?

What was the relationship between Judaism and Christianity in the first century?

Why did Jesus need to be baptized?

Why did the Jews hate Jesus so much?

Why did the Jews recognise that Jesus was the Messiah?

What characterises the kingdom of God in Luke’s gospel?

How should the kingdom of God impact the lives of Christians?

Why did Jesus demonstrate mercy during His earthly ministry?

Why did Luke pay so much attention to people that lacked influence in Israel in Jesus’ day?

How should Christians respond to Luke’s emphasis on socially disenfranchised groups?

Why is is important for Christians to pray?


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