Luke 14 pt 2

Count the cost. Enter by the narrow gate and walk the narrow path.Vv5 – 35

Vv 26. Hate. Not talking about antagonisim. Knowing the Lord when compared to the world’s relationship is like hatred. Family relationships all must be brought under the light of Lord. Jesus is everything and we have nothing. 

Pray for Mulai. Would you let your child marry a non Christian? Do not assume the salvation of your child. Walk with them through the fire. A true disciple will be willing to pray the price.  

The building unfinished. There is a cost involved. You have an option. 

The king invaded. Am I able to repel the enemy. You do not have an option. Just like the end of this time. When you stand before God, you do not have a choice. 

Salt. Christians are to be the disinfectant of this morally corrupt world. There is no such thing as a nominal Christian. 


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