2 Pet 1:1-11

Sanctification. God expects Christians to work hard at our spiritual life.  We have been granted everything to live a God pleasing life. We are to hold back nothing in our pursuit of being a Christian. 

Virtue. Moral excellence and integrity. De An. Is your word as good as a signed contract? 

Knowledge. Gain more knowledge of God’s word. Active study. James 21 be doers of the word. 

Self control​. It partains to the way we use our time. Do you review the way you use your time? Make time for God. 

Endurance. To withstand the trials. Overcome the same sin. Reverance for God. God is not your pal or servant. Late for worship. Distracted in worship. 

Brotherly affection. Practical love. Forgiveness. Agape love. Sacraficial love. Extends beyond believers. 

Why sanctification? Be convinced in your own mind. The pursuit is consultivating the seed. Act with diligence to add to your faith. Ephesians 4:24. Both God’s work and ours. 


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