Luke 19 pt 2

The ten minas. During the week before the Passover. Exodus mindset in the Jews. Jesus addressed this will not a deliverance from Rome. A picture of Jesus going back to heaven. The servants represents the disciples (us).  The master is Jesus. 1 mina equals one and the same gospel message. 

What are the rewards? Heavenly rewards. Can the gospel message be taken away from you? The lazy servant didn’t regard the mina as precious. The relationship with the master was a disgruntled one. A presumptuous tone. 

The Triumphal Entry. The Colt is a symbol of humbleness and not war. Why the public entry? Jesus’s time had come. He wanted to draw the attention of Jerusalem and what will happen in the next few days. 

Jesus cleanses the temple. The animal sacrifices became a business. What are the principals that can be applied? Reverance for God’s place of worship. 1 Cor 6:19 the church is a temple. We are temples of God. Where God is. Romans, a living sacrifice to God. What is demonstrating reverance? Don’t treat God as a buddy. Your picture of God effects the way you live. Are you disrespecting God?  Is your mind wandering at church?


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