Luke23 pt2

Why mention Simonn of Cyrene. A prosolite. Luke may have been familiar with him. We assume Simon would of witnessed the cruxifiction. Rufus and Alexander were his sons, mentioned in Acts. 

Bearing children is a blessing from God. What or why would these women want to be barron? Could it be the Roman conquering where they were starved to death? Could it be the Holocaust? 

Jesus is green. Israel personified as the dry fruitless tree. The fire of judgement. The dry wood will burn up faster. 

Vv34 who did Christ pray for? He prayed for the elect. 

Vv40 we are saved because of God. No baptism no sinners prayer. If you don’t come to this conclusion v41 then you won’t be saved. The thief was concerned about the other’s repentance. He acknowledged Christ as Lord. The fruits are plentiful here. 


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